$TACO is a deflationary currency where liquidity providers wrap the token in a hard shell and are rewarded with sweet, sweet guac. This is the evolution of money.

It's Crunch Time!

Taqueros, it's time to start crunching...

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Delicious deflationary tokens with a hard shell


$TACO is the token for true taco lovers. Stack as many as you can in your wallet and become a taquero legend.


6% of the $TACOs in the liquidity pool can be crunched daily. Any time a taquero hits ‘Crunch’ they receive 7% of the pulled $TACOs and the other 93% is burned.


On Taco Tuesdays the reward is doubled and the week’s top cruncher is crowned Taco King. Can you crunch your way onto the leaderboard and dethrone the king?


What makes the $TACO so deliciously tasty?

🐋 Fair

No pre-sale discount, no whales.

🤚 Fixed

No new $TACO can be minted.

🔥 Deflationary

6% of all $TACOs in the pool are burned daily.

🔍 Transparent

Burned tokens are sent to a proven burn address.

⚙️ Verifiable

Smart contracts can be audited.

🔑 Locked

Liquidity is locked in the $TACO Uniswap pool.


How we serve our $TACOs

Smart Contracts

Our Smart Contracts are Open Source and Auditable.

(Do not send ETH to this address)


1. What is TACO?

TACO is this summer’s tastiest defi token. It’s a social experiment, crypto game, and meme machine rolled into one. It’s the future of fair distribution and the most fun you can have with ERC20s.

2. What’s the point of the game?

Players aka ‘taqueros’ compete to crunch TACOs by burning 6% of the Uniswap pool every day and earning a reward for their work. There are special prizes, a leaderboard, and a lot more in store, but that’s all we’re revealing for now.

3. How do I play?

Click Taco Portal in the top menu and connect your MetaMask wallet when prompted. You'll then be able to view your TACO wallet balance and any rewards you've claimed to date. You can also check the current reward rate and the Top Taquero – the person who's crunched the most TACOs.

To claim your reward, hit the red button marked It's crunch time! and the tokens in the pool will be burned. Whenever you crunch TACOs, your reward is automatically credited to your wallet. You will not receive a MetaMask notification but can verify that this has occurred using Etherscan. Be aware that when Ethereum network fees are high, the cost of crunching TACOs may exceed the value of the tokens you are awarded.

4. What makes TACO fairer than other token launches?

Let’s see: no presale discounts and no bonuses. Even the Taco Team must purchase their own tokens to play. A small allocation of tokens will be retained for future development, leaving 93% of all $TACOs on the open market. Tokens held in reserve will be placed in a multisig wallet that no team member can unilaterally access.

5. How can I trust you?

You don't have to trust anyone. Our contracts remove any need to trust a third party and will be available for your audit. All raised ETH will be locked  into Uniswap $TACO/ETH liquidity pool in a verifiable manner. In addition, the Taco Team are buying their own tokens at the same price as everyone else with no discounts or bonuses.

6. Can the developers change the rules of the game?

The only variables we can adjust are the crunch rate, reward rate and Taco Tuesday multiplier. We reserve the right to amend these, on occasions, for promotional purposes and only after notifying our community of taqueros in advance.

7. Who audited the TACO smart contract?

The smart contract has been rigorously checked by an experienced Solidity engineer. It has not been officially audited, however, and we would encourage taqueros to inspect the TACO smart contract for themselves before playing.

8. Is the token on Etherscan yet?

Yes! TACO is now on Etherscan. Review the contract here https://etherscan.io/token/0x00d1793d7c3aae506257ba985b34c76aaf642557

9. Who’s behind the project?

TACO was created by a group of taco lovers and crypto connoisseurs. We like our tacos served crunchy and our tokens shared fairly.